Murder of Tair Rada

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The murder of Tair Rada (Hebrew: תָּאִיר רָאדָה), a 13-year-old Israeli schoolgirl, was committed in 2006, in the girls' bathroom of her school in Katzrin. Roman Zdorov (mistakenly Zadorov[1]) (Russian: Роман Здоров;[2] Hebrew: רוֹמָן זְדוֹרוֹב), a Ukrainian and a resident of Israel, was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life on September 14, 2010. His prosecution and conviction have been a source of controversy, receiving much media coverage, as well as being the focus of an Israeli documentary TV series called Shadow of Truth that has gained worldwide attention on Netflix. On August 26, 2021, Zadorov was released from prison to house arrest after many appeals.