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Nation of Celestial Space

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The Nation of Celestial Space (also known as Celestia) is a micronation created by Evergreen Park, Illinois resident James Thomas Mangan. Celestia comprised the entirety of "outer space", which Mangan laid claim to on behalf of humanity to ensure that no one country might establish a political hegemony there. As "Founder and First Representative", he registered this acquisition with the Recorder of Deeds and Titles of Cook County on January 1, 1949. At its foundation Celestia claimed to have 19 members, among them Mangan's daughter Ruth; a decade later a booklet published by the group claimed that membership had grown to 19,057.

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Nation of Celestial Space
Flag of Celestia
Seal of Celestia
Motto: A Nation of freedom, peace, and equality throughout the vastness of space
LocationEntire universe (excluding Earth)
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Organizational structureHybrid republic/monarchy
 Founder & First Representative
James T. Mangan
1 January 1949
Membership19,059 (1959)
Purported currency108 Ergs = 10 Joules = 1 Celeston

Mangan was active for many years in pursuing his claims on behalf of Celestia; in 1949 he notified the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and United Nations that Celestia had banned all further atmospheric nuclear tests. Later, as the space race got underway in earnest he sent angry letters of protest to the leaders of the Soviet Union and United States on the occasions that their early space flights encroached upon his claimed territory - although he later waived these proscriptions to allow for satellite launches by the latter.

The obverse of this 1959 solid gold 1 Celeston coin features the profile of Ruth Mangan as the allegorical figure "Magnanimity".

Despite these efforts, the Nation of Celestial Space is thought to have become defunct with the death of its founder. Its only surviving legacy is the series of stamps and silver and gold coins and passports issued in its name by Mangan from the late 1950s through to the mid-1960s.

Some of the coins minted by Celestia included a silver "1 Joule" of 4.15 grams (.925 silver) and a gold "1 Celeston" of 2.20 grams (.900 gold). Their scarcity ensures that they sell for many hundreds of dollars apiece on the rare occasions they come to market.[citation needed]

James Thomas Mangan's descendants include his son, James C. Mangan (deceased), his daughter Ruth Mangan Stump, "Princess of the Nation of Celestial Space" (deceased), and three grandsons, Glen Stump, "Duke of Mars", Dean Stump, "Duke of Selenia " and “First Representative of The Nation of Celestial Space, and Todd Stump, "Duke of the Milky Way". There are also three sons of Glen Stump, Edward Stump “Duke of Sirius”, Dan Stump “Duke of Polaris” and Luke Walter Stump “Duke of Alpha Centauri”.[1]

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