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Niagara Falls peace conference

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The Niagara Falls peace conference, sometimes referred to as the ABC Conference, started on May 20, 1914, when representatives from Argentina, Brazil and Chile—the ABC Powers—met in Niagara Falls, Canada, for diplomatic negotiations in order to avoid war between the United States and Mexico, during the era of the Mexican Revolution.[1][2]

Rómulo Sebastián Naón and his son Rómulo Sebastián Naón, Jr., Frederick William Lehmann, Joseph Rucker Lamar, Domício da Gama, Eduardo Suárez Mujica and his son in Niagara Falls in 1914
Eduardo Suárez Mujica and Domício da Gama and Romulo S. Naon at the Niagara Falls peace conference in 1914
Henry Percival Dodge, and Joseph Rucker Lamar, and Frederick William Lehmann, and Robert F. Rose at the Niagara Falls peace conference in 1914