Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai

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The Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai (日本美術刀剣保存協会, 'The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords', NBTHK) is a public interest incorporated foundation established in February 1948 to preserve and promote Japanese swords that have artistic value. They run a Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo and have a secretariat in the building.

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Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai
  • Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai
FormationApril 1, 2012
TypePublic Interest Incorporated Foundation
Registration no.6011005003782
PurposeContribution to the preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of Japanese culture.
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
  • 1-12-9 Yokoami , Sumida-ku, Tokyo
OriginsNihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai ( February 24, 1948 – March 31, 2012)
Official language
Chairman and Representative Director
Tadahisa Sakai
Revenue (March 31, 2016)
1,602,44,627 yen
Staff (October 1, 2021)
Directors 18
Trustees 15
Staffs 28[1]

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