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Northern Qi

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Qi, known as the Northern Qi (simplified Chinese: 北齐; traditional Chinese: 北齊; pinyin: Běi Qí; Wade–Giles: Pei3-Ch'i2), Later Qi (後齊) or Gao Qi (高齊) in historiography, was a Chinese imperial dynasty and one of the Northern dynasties during the Northern and Southern dynasties era. It ruled the eastern part of northern China from 550 to 577. The dynasty was founded by Gao Yang (Emperor Wenxuan), and was eventually conquered by the Xianbei-led Northern Zhou dynasty in 577.

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The Northern Qi and main contemporary polities in Asia c.576
Administrative divisions in 572 AD
Administrative divisions in 572 AD
Historical eraNorthern Dynasties
9 June[2] 550
 Gao Wei and Gao Heng's capture by Northern Zhou, usually viewed as disestablishment
28 February[3] 577
 Gao Shaoyi's capture by Northern Zhou
27 July 580[4]
557[5]1,500,000 km2 (580,000 sq mi)
CurrencyChinese coin,
Chinese cash
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Eastern Wei
Northern Zhou Blank.png
Today part ofChina

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