Odo of France

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Odo (French: Eudes; c. 857 – 1 January 898) was the elected King of West Francia from 888 to 898. He was the first king from the Robertian dynasty. Before assuming the kingship, Odo was the count of Paris.[2] His reign marked the definitive separation of West Francia from the Carolingian Empire, which would never reunite.

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Image of the coronation of Odo of France from the Grandes Chroniques de France (13th century)
King of West Francia
CoronationFebruary 888, Compiègne
PredecessorCharles the Fat
SuccessorCharles the Simple
Bornc. 857 [1]
Died1 January 898 (aged c. 41)
La Fère, West Francia
SpouseThéodrate of Troyes (m. 882)
FatherRobert the Strong
MotherAdelaide of Tours