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Operation Prime Time (OPT) was a consortium of American independent television stations to develop prime time programming for independent stations. OPT and its spin-off syndication company, Television Program Enterprises (TPE), were formed by Al Masini. During its existence, OPT was considered the de facto fourth television network.[1][2][3][4][5] OPT was also called an occasional television network[6][7] and occasional program alternative.[8]

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Operation Prime Time
Typeoccasional television network
United States
Founded1976; 47 years ago (1976)
by Al Masini
Key people
Al Masini
Launch date
1976; 47 years ago (1976)
Dissolved1987; 36 years ago (1987)

OPT inspired syndication and network models that arose in later years, such as The Disney Afternoon, Prime Time Entertainment Network and MyNetworkTV.[citation needed]