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Panagyurishte Municipality

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Panagyurishte Municipality is located in the Pazardzhik Province, western Bulgaria. It is one of the 11 municipalities in the province. Its territory is 598,5 km² being fourth in the province after the municipalities of Velingrad, Batak and Pazardzhik. The relief is mountainous and semi-mountainous and is part of Sredna Gora. There are rich copper deposits, with the biggest mines located in Asarel Medet, Elshitsa and Mina Radka. There are dense forests in which mushrooms and berries are abundant. Many animals inhabit these forest. The most important game species are red deer, roe deer, wild boar, doe and mouflon.

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Panagyurishte Municipality
CountryFlag_of_Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
ProvincePazardzhik Province
  Total598.5 km2 (231.1 sq mi)
42°30′11″N 24°11′2″E
Sredna Gora