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A password manager is a computer program that allows users to store and manage their passwords[1] for local applications or online services such as web applications, online shops or social media.[2]

Password managers can generate passwords[3] and fill online forms.[2] Password managers may exist as a mix of: computer applications, mobile applications, or as web browser extensions.[4]

A password manager may assist in generating passwords, storing passwords,[1][5][6] usually in an encrypted database.[7][8] Aside from passwords, these applications may also store data such as credit card information, addresses, and frequent flyer information.[3]

The main purpose of password managers is to alleviate a cyber-security phenomenon known as password fatigue, where an end-user can become overwhelmed from remembering multiple passwords for multiple services and which password is used for what service.[3]

Password managers typically require a user to create and remember one "master" password to unlock and access all information stored in the application.[9] Password managers may choose to integrate multi-factor authentication[9] through fingerprints, or through facial recognition software.[10] Although, this is not required to use the application/browser extension.

Password managers may be installed on a computer or mobile device as an application or as a browser extension.[5]