Pope Sixtus V

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Pope Sixtus V (Italian: Sisto V; 13 December 1521 – 27 August 1590), born Felice Piergentile, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 24 April 1585 to his death, in August 1590. As a youth, he joined the Franciscan order, where he displayed talents as a scholar and preacher, and enjoyed the patronage of Pius V, who made him a cardinal. As a cardinal, he was known as Cardinal Montalto.

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Sixtus V
Bishop of Rome
Sixtus V depicted in an anonymous 17th century painting, exhibited in the Albi Cathedral
ChurchCatholic Church
Papacy began24 April 1585
Papacy ended27 August 1590
PredecessorGregory XIII
SuccessorUrban VII
Consecration12 January 1567
by Antonio Lauro
Created cardinal17 May 1570
by Pius V
Personal details
Felice Piergentile, then Felice Peretti

(1521-12-13)13 December 1521
Died27 August 1590(1590-08-27) (aged 68)
Rome, Papal States
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MottoAqua et panis, vita canis (Water and bread are a dog’s life)[1]
Coat of armsSixtus V's coat of arms
Other popes named Sixtus
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Papal styles of
Pope Sixtus V
Reference styleHis Holiness
Spoken styleYour Holiness
Religious styleHoly Father
Posthumous styleNone

As Pope, he energetically rooted out corruption and lawlessness across Rome, and launched a far-sighted rebuilding programme that continues to provoke controversy, as it involved the destruction of antiquities. The cost of these works was met by heavy taxation which caused much suffering. His foreign policy was regarded as over-ambitious, and he excommunicated both Queen Elizabeth I of England and King Henry IV of France. He is recognized as a significant figure of the Counter-Reformation. He is the most recent pope to date to take on the pontifical name "Sixtus".