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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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The prime minister of the United Kingdom is the head of government of the United Kingdom. The prime minister advises the sovereign on the exercise of much of the royal prerogative, chairs the Cabinet and selects its ministers. As modern prime ministers hold office by virtue of their ability to command the confidence of the House of Commons, they sit as members of Parliament.

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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Rishi Sunak
since 25 October 2022
Government of the United Kingdom
Prime Minister's Office
Cabinet Office
TypeHead of government
Member of
AppointerThe Monarch
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
DeputyNo fixed position, however it is sometimes held by:
Salary£157,372 per annum[1]
(including £81,932 MP salary)[2]
Website10 Downing Street

The office of prime minister is not established by any statute or constitutional document, but exists only by long-established convention, whereby the reigning monarch appoints as prime minister the person most likely to command the confidence of the House of Commons;[3] this individual is typically the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the largest number of seats in that chamber.

The prime minister is ex officio also First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and the minister responsible for national security.[4]:p.22 Indeed, certain privileges, such as residency of 10 Downing Street, are accorded to prime ministers by virtue of their position as First Lord of the Treasury. In 2019, the office of Minister for the Union was established; Boris Johnson became the first prime minister to hold this title.[5]

Rishi Sunak has been the incumbent prime minister since 25 October 2022.[6]