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Administratively, Cuba is divided into 15 provinces and one special municipality (the Isla de la Juventud). The last modification was approved in August 2010 (by the Cuban National Assembly), splitting Havana province into two new provinces: Artemisa (which incorporates the three eastern municipalities of the neighbour Pinar del Río) and Mayabeque. The new provinces started functioning from January 1, 2011. Havana City Province (Ciudad de La Habana) recovered its original name: La Habana (Havana in English).

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Provinces of Cuba
Provincias de Cuba (Spanish)
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Cuba
Number15 Provinces
1 Special Municipality
Populations84,263 (Isla de la Juventud) – 2,154,454 (La Habana)
Areas281.18 square miles (728.3 km2) (Isla de la Juventud) – 5,951.31 square miles (15,413.8 km2) (Camagüey Province)
  • Single Party Government