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RIM-161 Standard Missile 3

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The RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) is a ship-based surface-to-air missile system used by the United States Navy to intercept short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles as a part of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.[5] Although primarily designed as an anti-ballistic missile, the SM-3 has also been employed in an anti-satellite capacity against a satellite at the lower end of low Earth orbit.[6] The SM-3 is primarily used and tested by the United States Navy and also operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

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RIM-161 SM-3
A RIM-161 Standard Missile (SM-3) is launched from the Aegis cruiser USS Lake Erie
TypeKinetic surface-to-air missile (Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System)
Place of originUnited States, Japan (Block IIA)
Service history
In service2014–present (Block IB)[1]
Used byUnited States Navy
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Republic of Korea Navy
Production history
ManufacturerRaytheon, Aerojet, (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Block IIA)
Unit cost
  • US$9–25 million[2] (2011)
  • US$18.4m(FY2018)[3]
  • US$11.83m(FY2021)
Mass1.5 t
Length6.55 m (21 ft 6 in)
Diameter34.3 cm (13.5 in) for Block I missiles
53.3 cm (21 in) for Block II
Wingspan1.57 m (62 in)
WarheadLightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile (LEAP) kinetic warhead

PropellantStage 1: MK 72 Booster, solid-fuel, Aerojet
Stage 2: MK 104 Dual Thrust Rocket Motor (DTRM), solid-fuel, Aerojet
Stage 3: MK 136 Third Stage Rocket Motor (TSRM), solid-fuel, ATK
Stage 4: Throttleable Divert and Attitude Control System (TDACS), Aerojet
Block IA/B: 900 – 1200 km (560 miles)
Block IIA: 1,200 km range and flight ceiling 900 – 1,050 km (depending on the type of target)[4][N 1]
Maximum speed 3 km/s (Mach 8.8) Block IA/B
4.5 km/s (Mach 13.2) Block IIA[4]
GPS/INS/semi-active radar homing/passive LWIR infrared homing seeker (KW)