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A radio format or programming format (not to be confused with broadcast programming) describes the overall content broadcast on a radio station.[1] The radio format emerged mainly in the United States in the 1950s, at a time when radio was compelled to develop new and exclusive ways to programming by competition with television.[2] The formula has since spread as a reference for commercial radio programming worldwide.[1]

A radio format aims to reach a more or less specific audience according to a certain type of programming, which can be thematic or general, more informative or more musical, among other possibilities.[nb 1] Radio formats are often used as a marketing tool and are subject to frequent changes.[3]

Except for talk radio or sports radio formats, most programming formats are based on commercial music.[1] However the term also includes the news, bulletins, DJ talk, jingles, commercials, competitions, traffic news, sports, weather and community announcements between the tracks.[1]