Richard Riemerschmid

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Richard Riemerschmid (20 June 1868 – 13 April 1957) was a German architect, painter, designer and city planner from Munich. He was a major figure in Jugendstil, the German form of Art Nouveau, and a founder of architecture in the style. A founder member of both the Vereinigte Werkstätte für Kunst im Handwerk (United Workshops for Art in Handcrafts) and the Deutscher Werkbund and the director of art and design institutions in Munich and Cologne, he prized craftsmanship but also pioneered machine production of artistically designed objects.

Deutsche Werkstätten für Handwerkskunst, Hellerau
Dinner plate from Riemerschmid's table service for Meissen, now known as Blaue Rispe
Fischel villa, Kiel

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