Rued Langgaard

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Rued Langgaard (Danish: [ˈʁuðˀ ˈlɑŋˌkɒˀ]; born Rud Immanuel Langgaard; 28 July 1893 – 10 July 1952) was a late-Romantic Danish composer and organist. His then-unconventional music was at odds with that of his Danish contemporaries but was recognized 16 years after his death.

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Rued Langgaard
Photograph from Gerhardt Lynge: Danske Komponister (1917)
Born28 July 1893
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died10 July 1952 (aged 58)
Ribe, Denmark
Resting placeHolmen Cemetery, Copenhagen
Occupation(s)Composer and organist
Known forComposing numerous full works at a young age and having a more unconventional style compared to his counterparts.