Rued Langgaard

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Rued Langgaard (Danish: [ˈʁuðˀ ˈlɑŋˌkɒˀ]; born Rud Immanuel Langgaard; 28 July 1893 – 10 July 1952) was a late-Romantic Danish composer and organist. His then-unconventional music was at odds with that of his Danish contemporaries but was recognized 16 years after his death.

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Rued Langgaard
Photograph from Gerhardt Lynge: Danske Komponister (1917)
Rud Immanuel Langgaard

28 July 1893
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died10 July 1952 (aged 58)
Ribe, Denmark
Resting placeHolmen Cemetery, Copenhagen
Occupation(s)Composer and organist
Known forComposing numerous full works at a young age and having a more unconventional style compared to his counterparts.

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