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Salonica vilayet

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The Vilayet of Salonica[3] (Ottoman Turkish: ولايت سلانيك, romanized: Vilâyet-i Selânik) was a first-level administrative division (vilayet) of the Ottoman Empire from 1867[4] to 1912. In the late 19th century it reportedly had an area of 12,950 square miles (33,500 km2).[5]

Quick facts: ولايت سلانيك Vilâyet-i Selânik, Capital, Popu...
ولايت سلانيك
Vilâyet-i Selânik
Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire

The Salonica Vilayet in 1867–1912
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Salonica Eyalet
Rumelia Eyalet
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Bulgaria
Today part ofGreece
North Macedonia
Contemporary Ottoman map of the Salonica Vilayet

The vilayet was bounded by the Principality (later Kingdom), of Bulgaria on the north; Eastern Rumelia on the northeast (after the Treaty of Berlin); Edirne Vilayet on the east; the Aegean Sea on the south; Monastir Vilayet and the independent sanjak of Serfije on the west (after 1881); the Kosovo Vilayet on the northwest.

The vilayet consisted of present Central and Eastern parts of Greek Macedonia and Pirin Macedonia in Bulgaria. Present Pirin Macedonia part of it was administrated as kazas of Cuma-yı Bala, Petriç, Nevrekop, Menlik, Ropçoz and Razlık.[citation needed] It was dissolved after Balkan Wars and divided among Kingdom of Greece, Kingdom of Serbia and Tsardom of Bulgaria in 1913.