Sancho III of Castile

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Sancho III (c. 1134 31 August 1158), called the Desired (el Deseado),[lower-alpha 1] was King of Castile and Toledo for one year, from 1157 to 1158. He was the son of Alfonso VII of León and Castile and his wife Berengaria of Barcelona, and was succeeded by his son Alfonso VIII. His nickname was due to his position as the first child of his parents, born after eight years of childless marriage.

Quick facts: Sancho III, King of Castile and Toledo, Reign...
Sancho III
Sancho III of Castile in the Castilian manuscript Compendium of Chronicles of Kings (...) (c. 1312-1325). Currently located at the National Library of Spain
King of Castile and Toledo
Reign21 August 1157 31 August 1158
PredecessorAlfonso VII
SuccessorAlfonso VIII
King of the Kingdom of Artajona [eu]
PredecessorUrraca the Asturian
SuccessorSancho VI of Navarre
Bornc. 1134
Died31 August 1158 (aged 2324)
ConsortBlanche of Navarre
IssueAlfonso VIII of Castile
Infante Garcia
HouseCastilian House of Ivrea
FatherAlfonso VII of León and Castile
MotherBerengaria of Barcelona

During his reign, the Order of Calatrava was founded. It was also in his reign that the Treaty of Sahagún in May 1158 was decided.

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