Session replay

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Session replay is the ability to replay a visitor's journey on a web site or within a mobile application or web application. Replay can include the user's view (browser or screen output), user input (keyboard and mouse inputs), and logs of network events or console logs. Session replay is supposed to help improve customer experience[1] and help identify obstacles in conversion processes on websites. However, it can also be used to study a website's usability, customer behavior, and the handling of customer service questions as the customer journey, with all interactions, can be replayed. Some organizations also use this capability to analyse fraudulent behavior on websites.

Some solutions augment the session replay with advanced analytics that can identify segments of customers that are struggling to use the website.[2] This allows for the replay capability to be used much more efficiently and reduces the need to replay other customer sessions unnecessarily.

There are generally two ways to capture and replay visitor sessions, client side and tag-free server side.

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