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Shish kebab

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Shish kebab or shish kebap is a popular meal of skewered and grilled cubes of meat.[1] It can be found in Mediterranean cuisine and is similar to or synonymous with dishes called shashlik and khorovats, found in the Caucasus region.[2]

Shish kebab with "şehriyeli pilav" (orzo pilaf), onions with sumac, a grilled pepper, a grilled slice of tomato, and rucula leaves

It is one of the many types of kebab, a range of meat dishes originating in the Middle East. In North American English, the word kebab alone often refers to shish kebab, though outside of North America, kebab may also mean doner kebab.

It is traditionally made of lamb[3] but there are also versions with various kinds of meat, poultry, or fish.[4] In Turkey, shish kebab and the vegetables served with it are grilled separately, normally not on the same skewer.[5]

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