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Soviet Air Defence Forces

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The Soviet Air Defence Forces (Russian: войска ПВО, voyska protivovozdushnoy oborony, voyska PVO, V-PVO, lit. Anti-Air Defence Troops; and formerly protivovozdushnaya oborona strany, PVO strany, lit. Anti-Air Defence of the Country) was the air defence branch of the Soviet Armed Forces.

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Soviet Air Defence Forces
Советские Войска ПВО
Sovetskiye Voyska PVO
Flag of the Soviet Air Defence Forces
Founded24 May 1918
Disbanded14 February 1992
CountryFlag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg Soviet Union
Part ofSoviet Armed Forces

Formed in 1941, it continued being a service branch of the Russian Armed Forces after 1991 until it was merged into the Air Force in 1998. Unlike Western air defence forces, V-PVO was a branch of the military unto itself, separate from the Soviet Air Force (VVS) and Air Defence Troops of Ground Forces. During the Soviet period it was generally ranked third in importance of the Soviet services,[1] behind the Strategic Rocket Forces and the Ground Forces.