Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

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The Standing Committee is the highest organ of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) when the CCDI is not convened in a plenary session. It is composed of the secretary, deputy secretaries, secretary generals and other members.[1] The composition of a standing committee is elected by the CCDI plenary session and approved by the CCP Central Committee at one of its plenary sessions.[2] To be an eligible candidate for standing committee membership, one has to be an ordinary CCDI member already.[3]

The 11th National Congress, held 12–18 August 1977, added a stipulation about a "Central Commission for Discipline Inspection", but did not establish one.[4] The 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, held on 18–22 December 1978, established the 11th CCDI and the 11th Standing Committee. The first constitutional stipulation on the Standing Committee was introduced by the 12th National Congress, held on 1–11 September 1982, which stated that the CCDI could elect members to the Standing Committee at one of its plenary sessions.[3]

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