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The State and University Library (Danish: Statsbiblioteket) in Aarhus, Denmark, is a national library and the university library of Aarhus University. It is a research library and the central repository for all Danish public libraries holding millions of items both in print and digital formats including sound and music recordings, videos, journals, books, patents, maps, prints and drawings. The library is directly subordinated the Danish Ministry of Culture and is a legal deposit library, receiving copies of all audio, video and newspapers produced in Denmark.[2][3]

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State and University Library
The State and University Library at the Aarhus University Campus, featuring the landmark high rise of Bogtårnet, the primary book repository.
TypeNational Library, University Library
ScopeNational Library of Denmark
Aarhus University library
EstablishedLegally established 1897
Opened 1902
University Library from 1928
Size5,528,993 physical units,
6,176,256 electronic titles (as of 2017)[1]
Legal depositSince 1902
WebsiteState and University Library Website

The library is located on the south side of Nordre Ringgade in Midtbyen, Aarhus on the Aarhus University campus. The primary document storage facility is the 14 stories Bogtårnet building.

In 2017 it merged with the Royal Library in Copenhagen to form a combined national library.[4] The combined library organisation (the separate library locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus are maintained) is known as the Royal Danish Library (Danish: Det Kgl. Bibliotek).[5]