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A state councillor (Chinese: 国务委员; pinyin: guówù wěiyuán) is a high-ranking position within the State Council, the executive organ of the Chinese government (comparable to a cabinet). It ranks immediately below the vice premiers and above the ministers of various departments. Similar to minister without portfolio, the position carries duties unspecified at the time of appointment, although state councillor may also be appointed to head a department.

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State Councillor of the People's Republic of China
Wang Xiaohong
Wu Zhenglong
Shen Yiqin
since 12 March 2023
State Council of the People's Republic of China
Member of
  • Plenary Meeting of the State Council
  • Executive Meeting of the State Council
Reports toPremier of the State Council
NominatorPremier of the State Council
pursuant to a National People's Congress decision
Term lengthFive years, renewable once consecutively
Formation4 May 1982; 41 years ago (1982-05-04)
WebsiteState Council

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