Taheyya Kariokka

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Taheyya Kariokka (Arabic: تحية كاريوكا) also Tahiya Carioca (born Badaweya Mohamed Kareem Ali Elnedany), (February 22, 1915[lower-alpha 1] September 20, 1999) was an Egyptian belly dancer and film actress.[1][2][3]

Taheyya Kariokka with an Ancient Egyptian outfit
Greek poster from the 1956 film Bint al Hawa, that starred Taheyya Kariokka as Nanousha. Greek title: Nanousha the sinner of Cairo.
Taheyya Kariokka with Salah Zulfikar in a film still for the 1959 film Hubb Hatta Al-Ebada.
Greek poster from the 1956 film Bint al Hawa.
Taheyya Kariokka with ballet.
The belly dancer Taheyya Kariokka.
Taheyya Kariokka in the year 1969.