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Tertiary education in Australia

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Tertiary education in Australia is formal education beyond high school, consisting of both government and private institutions and divided into two sectors; vocational education and training (which includes TAFEs) and higher education (which includes universities). 69% of Australians aged 20–64 have a non-school qualification, and 24% have multiple qualifications.[1][2]

Vocational education and training providers are registered and regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Agency (ASQA).[3] ASQA publishes decisions about registrations and regulatory activity on a national register, providing information about VET providers to students and employers.[4]

Higher education providers are registered by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Higher education providers are often established or recognised by or under the law of the Australian Government, a state, or the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.[5][6] All higher education providers must be registered by TEQSA; registrations and decisions on regulatory activity is searchable on the National Register.[7]

There are 43 universities registered in Australia (including 37 public universities, four private universities, and one international private university).[7][8] Many Australian universities are in a network grouping, including the Group of Eight universities which comprise some of the oldest universities in Australia, the Australian Technology Network (ATN), Innovative Research Universities (IRU), Regional Universities Network (RUN); some other universities not aligned to any grouping. While all Australian universities conduct research, roughly two thirds of government research grant funding is awarded to the Group of Eight universities.[9] Australia was ranked 4th (with Germany) by OECD in international PhD students destination after US, UK and France.[10] Australia has a comparatively high proportion of international students as a percentage of students enrolled, at 26.5% in 2018.[11] Australia has the fifth-highest number of foreign students worldwide.[12]