The Rothschilds (film)

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The Rothschilds (Die Rothschilds) is a 1940 Nazi German historical propaganda film directed by Erich Waschneck.

Quick facts: The Rothschilds, Directed by, Written by, Pro...
The Rothschilds
Directed byErich Waschneck
Written byGerhard T. Buchholz
Mirko Jelusich
C.M. Köhn
Produced byC.M. Köhn (line producer)
StarringSee below
CinematographyRobert Baberske
Edited byWalter Wischniewsky
Music byJohannes Müller
Distributed byUFA
Release date
  • 17 July 1940 (1940-07-17)
Running time
97 minutes
CountryNazi Germany

The film is also known as The Rothschilds' Shares in Waterloo (International recut version, English title). It portrays the role of the Rothschild family in the Napoleonic wars. The Jewish Rothschilds are depicted in a negative manner, consistent with the anti-Semitic policy of Nazi Germany.[1] The 1940 film has a similar title and a similar plot to a 1934 American film, The House of Rothschild, starring George Arliss and Boris Karloff, that presented the Rothschilds in a more positive light. It is one of three Nazi-era German films that provide an antisemitic retelling of an earlier film. The others, both released in 1940, bore titles similar to films released in 1934: The Eternal Jew was a documentary-format film with the same title as the 1934 film and Jud Süss was a drama based on a 1934 film adaptation of a 1925 novel.

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