The Three Stooges filmography

The Three Stooges starred in over 200 pictures during the their decades-long run. / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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This is a complete list of short subjects and feature films that featured The Three Stooges released between 1930 and 1970.

Larry Fine, Curly Howard and Moe Howard in 1937

Moe, Larry and Curly left Healy in 1934 and moved to Columbia Pictures to begin their successful series of 190 shorts, with their contract extended each year until the final one expired on December 31, 1957. The final 8 of the 16 shorts with Joe Besser were released afterwards over the next 1⅓ years. The Stooges would continue afterwards with Moe, Larry, and Joe DeRita (as "Curly Joe"), and make several full-length feature films between 1959 and 1970.