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Thulung language

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RegionNepal, India
Native speakers
21,000 in Nepal (2011 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3tdh

Thulung is a Kiranti language spoken in parts of Nepal and Sikkim. It is also known as Thulunge Rai, Thulu Luwa, Thulung La, Thulung Jemu, Toaku Lwa. Total population: 33,313.[citation needed]

Thulung language

जाम(Jaam) food, rice
के(Ke) curry
म्युच्यु(Mychyu) people
बेब(Beb) grandfather
मिम(Mim) grandmother
पाप(Pap) Father
माम(Mam) mother
नानी(nani) (दिदी)elder sister
सानी(Sani) (बैनी)little sister
युम्पी(Yumpi) (कान्छ)little sister
निनी(Ninee) Aunt elder to dad
डेब(deb) Uncle Elder to Dad
चिस(chis) Uncle younger to Dad
वाआ(Waa) Elder Brother
लक/ल्वाक(Lwak) Younger Brother
रिवा(Riwa) solti
रिमे(Rime) soltini
वान्च्यो(Wanchyo) solti/soltini
कुक(Kuka) Mother's Brother
खौलुङ/सोजाम(Khaulung/Sozam) money
य(Ye) cloths
कु(Ku) water
मु(Mu) fire
फुल(phul) flour
बुङ्मा(bungma) flower
लिसेर(Liser) Millet
ह्याट्मा(Hyatma) locally brew wine
स्यो(Syo) meat

Geographical distribution

Thulung is spoken in the following locations of Nepal, all of which are located in Province No. 1 (Ethnologue).[citation needed]


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Thulung language
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