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A town is a human settlement which is a place where people live. It refers to the totality of human community with all the social, material, organizational, spiritual, and cultural elements that sustain it.[1] Towns are generally larger than villages and smaller than cities, though the criteria to distinguish between them vary considerably in different parts of the world.

Castle Street in the town venter of Reading
Old Town of Porvoo in January
Lemgo Town Hall at the market square
The alpine town of Davos in the Swiss Alps
View from tower of St. Michal Church in Skalica
The town of Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula, before its inflation, in 1880
The Marian town of Fátima
The center of the inland town of Viljandi
Left to right, from top: Reading in England, Porvoo in Finland, Lemgo in Germany, Davos in Switzerland, Skalica in Slovakia, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Fátima, Portugal, Viljandi in Estonia