Trams in Shanghai (1908–1975)

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First generation trams in Shanghai began operating in 1908 using a steel wheeled electric system until the last was closed in December 1, 1975. The last operating tram line in Shanghai was No. 3, which ran from Hongkou Park to Jiangwan Wujiaochang. It was dismantled in 1975, and replaced by the 93 bus (which later changed to the 139 bus).[1] In the early days of operation, tram cars were partitioned to provide first- and second-class seating. Some trams, principally for the Chinese workers, were designated as third-class.

In 2010, the Zhangjiang Tram reintroduced this form of transport to Shanghai in the form of a single line in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in suburban Pudong. Additionally, in 2018 and 2019 two steel wheeled Songjiang Tram lines have opened in Songjiang District.