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Tremplin du Praz

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Tremplin du Praz is a ski jumping hill at Le Praz in Courchevel, France. The complex consists of four hills: a large hill with construction point of K125 (HS132), a normal hill at K90 (HS96), and two training hills at K60 and K25. The complex also has a cross-country skiing stadium used for Nordic combined. Jörg Ritzerfeld holds the large hill winter record of 134.0 metres and Nicolas Mayer the normal hill record of 100.5 metres.

Quick facts: Tremplin du Praz, Location, Opened, Renovated...
Tremplin du Praz
The normal hill, including the medium in-run, to the left, and the large hill to the right
K–pointK25, K60, K90, K125
Hill sizeHS96, HS132
Hill recordKamil Stoch
(K120: 137 m in 2011)
Nicolas Mayer
(K90: 100.5 m in 2010)
Top events

La Praz received its first ski jumping hill in 1944. Ahead of the 1992 Winter Olympics, the large and normal hills were built along with a cross-country stadium to host ski jumping and Nordic combined events. Since 1997, the hill has hosted an annual summer FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix event. It has also been used for one FIS Ski Jumping World Cup and two FIS Nordic Combined World Cup rounds, in addition to four events of the FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup. The medium hill opened in 2004 and the small hill in 2008.

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