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Tsuyama Castle

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Tsuyama Castle (Japanese: 津山城, Hepburn: Tsuyama-jō) is a Japanese castle located in the Sange neighborhood of the city of Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, in the San'in region of Japan. Tsuyama considered one of Japan's three major hirayama (平山城 hilltop) style castles along with Himeji Castle and Matsuyama Castle, which were all constructed around the same time. During the Edo period, Tsuyama castle served as the primary residence of the daimyō of the Tsuyama Domain under the Tokugawa shogunate. The castle was also called Kakuzan Castle (鶴山城, Kakuzan-jō). It has been protected by the central government as a National Historic Site since 1963.[1]

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Tsuyama Castle
Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Tsuyama Castle is located in Okayama Prefecture
Tsuyama Castle
Tsuyama Castle
Tsuyama Castle is located in Japan
Tsuyama Castle
Tsuyama Castle
Coordinates35°3′45.97″N 134°0′17.83″E
TypeTeikaku-style hirayama castle
Height(five stories)
Site information
Controlled byYamana clan (1441–),
Mori clan (1603–1697),
Matsudaira clan (1698–1871),
Japan (1873–present)
ConditionMostly ruins, Bitchū-yagura reconstructed in 2005.
Site history
Built1441–1444; major expansions 1603–1616
Built byYamana clan (original); Mori Tadamasa (1603)
In use1616–1873
Materialsstone, wood, plaster walls
Layout plan of inner and outer castle
Historic photograph during late Edo period