Tyrian is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Eclipse Software for MS-DOS and published in 1995 by Epic MegaGames. Tyrian was programmed by Jason Emery, illustrated by Daniel Cook, and its music composed by Alexander Brandon and Andras Molnar. The game was re-released as freeware in 2004. A free and open-source port of the game started in April 2007.

Quick facts: Tyrian, Developer(s), Publisher(s), Designer(...
Developer(s)Eclipse Software
Publisher(s)Epic MegaGames
Designer(s)Jason Emery
Artist(s)Daniel Cook
Writer(s)Alexander Brandon
  • Alexander Brandon
  • Andres Molnar
Platform(s)MS-DOS, Windows
ReleaseJune 10, 1995[1]
Genre(s)Scrolling shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

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