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Varuna (/ˈvɜːrʊnə, ˈvɑːrə-/;[2] Sanskrit: वरुण, IAST: Váruṇa) is a Hindu god, associated with the sky, oceans and water. In the Vedic scriptures, he is paired with the god Mitra and is the lord of Ṛta (justice) and Satya (truth).[3][4] Varuna is also mentioned as an Aditya, the sons of the goddess Aditi.[5]

Quick facts: Varuna, Affiliation, Abode, Mantra, Weapon...
God of Water, Oceans, and Sky
Member of Adityas
The God Varuna on his mount Makara, 1675–1700
Painted in: India, Rajasthan, Bundi, placed in LACMA museum
AffiliationAdityas, Deva, Dikpala
MantraOm Jala bimbhaya
Vidhmahe Nila
Purushaya Dheemahe
Thanno Varuna Prachodayath
and Om Varunaaya Namah
WeaponNoose, Varunastra, Gandiva
Personal information
ConsortVarunani and Gauri (chief consorts)[lower-alpha 1]
ChildrenSushena, Vandi, Dakshasavarni Manu, Vasishtha, Pushkara, Bala, Sura, Andharmaka (sons) and Varuni (daughter)[1]

In the later Hindu texts like the Puranas, Varuna is also a Dikpala or guardian of the western direction. He is depicted as a youthful man, mounted on Makara (crocodile) and holding a Pasha (noose, rope loop) and a pitcher in his hands.[3][6][4] He has multiple wives and fathered many children, including the Vedic sage Vasishtha.[3]

He is also mentioned in the Tamil grammar work Tolkāppiyam, as Kadalon the god of sea and rain.[7] He is found in Japanese Buddhist mythology as Suiten.[6] He is also found in Jainism.[8][9]