Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples

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Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, Prince of Naples[1] (Vittorio Emanuele Alberto Carlo Teodoro Umberto Bonifacio Amedeo Damiano Bernardino Gennaro Maria di Savoia;[2][3] 12 February 1937 – 3 February 2024), was the only son of Umberto II, the last King of Italy, and Marie-José of Belgium. Vittorio Emanuele also used the title Duke of Savoy and claimed the headship of the House of Savoy. These claims were disputed by supporters of his third cousin, Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, and later by Amedeo’s son, Aimone.

Quick facts: Vittorio Emanuele, Head of the House of Savoy...
Vittorio Emanuele
Prince of Naples
Duke of Savoy (disputed)
Vittorio Emanuele in 2013
Head of the House of Savoy
Period18 March 1983 – 3 February 2024
PredecessorKing Umberto II
SuccessorPrince Emanuele Filiberto
Born(1937-02-12)12 February 1937
Naples, Kingdom of Italy
Died3 February 2024(2024-02-03) (aged 86)
Geneva Cantonal Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland
Burial10 February 2024
(m. 1971)
IssueEmanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice
Italian: Vittorio Emanuele Alberto Carlo Teodoro Umberto Bonifacio Amedeo Damiano Bernardino Gennaro Maria di Savoia
FatherUmberto II of Italy
MotherMarie-José of Belgium

He lived for most of his life in exile, following the constitutional referendum of 1946 which affirmed the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of the Italian Republic. On several occasions, he was the centre of controversy in Italy and abroad due to a series of incidents, including remarks that were seen by some as antisemitic. He was revealed to be a member of Propaganda Due (P2), the state within a state responsible for high-level corruption and political manipulation.[4] In France he was tried on a murder charge, of which he was cleared of unlawful killing but convicted of a firearms offence. On 16 June 2006, following an investigation started by John Woodcock of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Potenza, Italy, Vittorio Emanuele was arrested on charges of criminal association, racketeering, conspiracy, corruption, and exploitation of prostitution.[5] A trial on these charges began in Potenza, Italy, on 21 December 2009. Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia was acquitted of all charges in 2007 and 2010.[6][7]

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