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Violet Evergarden (Japanese: ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン, Hepburn: Vaioretto Evāgāden) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. It was published by Kyoto Animation under their KA Esuma Bunko imprint, from December 2015 to March 2020. The story follows Violet Evergarden, a young ex-soldier whose recent employment at a postal company tasks her with writing letters that can connect people.

Quick facts: ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン (Vaioretto Evāgāden), Genre,...
Violet Evergarden
First light novel volume cover featuring the title character, Violet Evergarden
(Vaioretto Evāgāden)
Light novel
Written byKana Akatsuki
Illustrated byAkiko Takase
Published byKyoto Animation
ImprintKA Esuma Bunko
Original runDecember 25, 2015March 27, 2020
Volumes4 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by
Produced by
  • Shinichirou Hatta
  • Shinichi Nakamura
  • Kazusa Umeda
  • Shigeru Saitou
Written byReiko Yoshida
Music byEvan Call
StudioKyoto Animation
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, TVA, ABC, BS11, HTB
Original run January 11, 2018 April 5, 2018
Episodes13 + OVA (List of episodes)
Anime films
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A 13-episode anime television series adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation aired between January and April 2018 with several advance screenings taking place in 2017. An original video animation episode was released in July 2018, and a spin-off film premiered in Japan in September 2019. A second anime film, Violet Evergarden: The Movie, premiered in September 2020.

In 2014, Violet Evergarden won the grand prize in the fifth Kyoto Animation Award's novel category.