The Warlpiri (/ˈwɑːrlbri/ or /ˈwɔːlpəri/)[3] (Warlpiri: Warlpiri Warlpiri pronunciation: [waɭpiɻi] > ['waɭbɪ̆ˌɻi])[4][5] language is spoken by about 3,000 of the Warlpiri people from the Tanami Desert, northwest of Alice Springs, Central Australia. It is one of the Ngarrkic languages of the large Pama–Nyungan family and is one of the largest Aboriginal languages in Australia in terms of number of speakers. One of the most well-known terms for The Dreaming (an Aboriginal spiritual belief), Jukurrpa, derives from Warlpiri.[6][7]

Quick facts: Warlpiri, Region, Ethnicity, Native speakers,...
RegionNorthern Territory, Australia
EthnicityWarlpiri, Ngalia
Native speakers
2,304 (2016 census)[1]
  • Warlpiri
  • Ngaliya
  • Walmala
  • Ngardilpa
  • Eastern Warlpiri
Warlpiri Sign Language
Language codes
ISO 639-3wbp
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Warnayaka (Wanayaga, Woneiga), Wawulya (Ngardilpa), and Ngalia are regarded as probable dialects of Warlpiri on the AUSTLANG database, although with potentially no data;[8][9][10] while Ngardilypa is confirmed.[11]