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The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is a font format for use in web pages. WOFF files are OpenType or TrueType fonts, with format-specific compression applied and additional XML metadata added. The two primary goals are first to distinguish font files intended for use as web fonts from fonts files intended for use in desktop applications via local installation, and second to reduce web font latency when fonts are transferred from a server to a client over a network connection.

Quick facts: Filename extension, Internet media type,...
Web Open Font Format
Filename extension
  • .woff
  • .woff2
Internet media type
  • font/woff
  • font/woff2
  • application/font-woff (deprecated)[1][2]
Magic number
  • 77 4F 46 46 ("wOFF" in ASCII)
  • 77 4F 46 32 ("wOF2" in ASCII)
Developed byW3C
Type of formatFont file
Container forSFNT fonts

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