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The modern-day character and the historical status of women in Denmark has been influenced by their own involvement in women's movements and political participation in the history of Denmark. Their mark can be seen in the fields of politics, women's suffrage, and literature, among others.

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Women in Denmark
Painting by Anna Ancher. Interior with the Painter's Daughter Helga Sewing, 1890
General Statistics
Women in parliament39.1% (2013)
Women over 25 with secondary education95.5% (2012)
Women in labour force70.4% (employment rate OECD definition, 2015)[1]
Gender Inequality Index[2]
Value0.013 (2021)
Rank1st out of 191
Global Gender Gap Index[3]
Value0.764 (2022)
Rank32nd out of 146

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