World Policy Council

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The World Policy Council of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity is a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank established in 1996 at Howard University to expand the fraternity's involvement in politics and social and current policy to encompass important global and world issues. They describe their mission as to "address issues of concern to our brotherhood, our communities, our Nation, and the world."

Quick facts: Formation, Type, Headquarters, Location, Chai...
World Policy Council
TypeThink tank
HeadquartersWashington, D.C., United States
Horace Dawson
Key people
Henry Ponder, vice chairman
Edward Brooke, chairman emeritus
Main organ
Board of Directors
Parent organization
Alpha Phi Alpha

Among the Council's nine Board of Directors are Senator Edward Brooke, Ambassador Horace Dawson, Congressmen Charles Rangel, and Ron Dellums. The Council's directors also include other ambassadors, theologians, presidents of colleges and foundations, and journalists.

The Council communicates its position through white papers which are disseminated to policymakers, politicians, scholars, journalist, and fraternity chapters. Since its founding the Council has offered an informed opinion on topics such as the AIDS crisis, global warming, Middle East conflict, Nigerian politics and Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a World House.

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