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Zamindars of Mahipur

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The zamindars of Mahipur (Bengali: মহিপুরের জমিদার) were a Bengali aristocratic family of feudal landowners.[1] The zamindari estate encompassed the Chakla of Qazirhat under the Cooch Behar State since the Mughal period.[2] Although their aristocratic status was lost with the East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950, the Mahipur estate remains an important part of the history of Rangpur and belongs to one of the eighteen ancient zamindar families of Rangpur.[3] The zamindari palace was lost as a result of flooding from the Teesta River, although the mosque,[4][failed verification] cemetery, polished reservoir and large draw-well can still be seen today.[5][failed verification]

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Zamindars of Mahipur
মহিপুরের জমিদার
Current regionMahipur, Rangpur District, Bangladesh
Earlier spellingsChakladars of Qazirhat, Choudhuries of Bherbheri
Estate(s)Mahipur Estate