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Zapata Swamp

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The Zapata Swamp (Spanish: Ciénaga de Zapata, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsjenaɣa ðe saˈpata]) is located on the Zapata Peninsula in the southern Matanzas Province of Cuba, in the municipality of Ciénaga de Zapata. It is located less than 150 kilometres (93 mi) southeast of Havana.[11]

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Ciénaga de Zapata
Zapata Swamp as seen from space. South is towards the top.
Map showing the location of Ciénaga de Zapata
Map showing the location of Ciénaga de Zapata
Location of Ciénaga de Zapata in Cuba
LocationFlag_of_Cuba.svg Cuba
Nearest cityPlaya Larga
Jagüey Grande
Coordinates22°24′N 81°34′W
Area4,354.3 km2 (1,681.2 sq mi)[1]
Official nameCiénaga de Zapata
Designated12 April 2001
Reference no.1062[2]