The Zarya spacecraft (Russian: Заря, lit.'Dawn') was a secret Soviet project of the late 1980s aiming to design and build a large crewed vertical-takeoff, vertical-landing (VTVL) reusable space capsule,[1] a much larger replacement for the Soyuz (spacecraft). The project was developed during 1985–1989 years by Energia corporation until it was shelved in 1989, "on the eve of the Soviet Union's collapse" due to lack of funding.[1] The name of the project was later reused by the Zarya space station module which served as the first component of International Space Station in 1998.

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Zarya (spacecraft)
Country of originUSSR
OperatorSoviet space program
ApplicationsCarry passengers and supplies to low Earth orbit and back
RegimeLow Earth orbit
StatusCanceled, 1989
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Derived fromSoyuz