Zorya (lit. "Dawn"; also many variants: Zarya, Zara, Zaranitsa, Zoryushka, etc.) is a figure in Slavic folklore, a feminine personification of dawn, possibly goddess. Depending on tradition, she may appear as a singular entity, often called "The Red Maiden", or two or three sisters at once. Although Zorya is etymologically unrelated to the Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn *H₂éwsōs, she shares most of her characteristics. She is often depicted as the sister of the Sun, the Moon, and Zvezda, the Morning Star with which she is sometimes identified.[1] She lives in the Palace of the Sun, opens the gate for him in the morning so that he can set off on a journey through the sky, guards his white horses,[lower-alpha 1] she is also described as a virgin.[3] In the Eastern Slavic tradition of zagovory she represents the supreme power that a practitioner appeals to.[4]

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Zarya-Zarenitsa, Andrey Shishkin, 2013
Other namesZaranitsa, Zarya, Zara, Zoryushka
ColorRed, gold, yellow, rose
Personal information
SiblingsSun (Dažbog), Moon, Zvezda
Greek equivalentEos
Roman equivalentAurora
Hinduism equivalentUshas