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1969 in Italian television

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List of years in Italian television

This is a list of Italian television related events from 1969.


  • January 30 - February 1: Sanremo Festival, hosted by Nuccio Costa and Gabriella Farinon and won by Bobbby Solo and Iva Zanicchi with Zingara; Lucio Battisti takes part to the contest for the only time, with Un’avventura[1].
  • July 20-21. For the Apollo 11 mission, RAI airs a live show lasting 27 hours, involving more than 200 technicians and journalist and with the presence of more than 500 guests (scientists, sportsmen and intellectuals, as Michelangelo Antonioni and Alfonso Gatto). At 22.17 (Italian hour) the anchorman Tito Stagno announces the Moon landing with a minute of advance and is corrected by the correspondent Ruggero Orlando, who follows the event from Houston Space center; the quarrel between the two journalists covers, for the Italian public, the Neil Armstrong’s historical announce: “The eagle is landed.”[2] Despite this accident, the “night of the moon” is for RAI a professional achievement and a huge public success (20 million viewers).[3]
  • December 12: an extraordinary edition of the TG1 announces to the country the Piazza Fontana bombing; the same evening, the Prime Minister Mariano Rumor, in a TV message to the nation, condemns indignantly the slaughter and promises justice. On December 15, RAI broadcasts live the burial of the victims.[4]
  • December 16: in the evening news, the young journalist Bruno Vespa, live from the Milan police headquarters, announces: “Pietro Valpreda is one of the guilty for the slaughter in Milan and for the attacks in Rome”. In the next days, Valpreda, dancer and leader of a small anarchist group, verbally extremist but fully unrelated to the crime, is painted by television and by most of the press as a monster; the TV show Stasera Gina Lollobrigida is deleted because he appears for a few seconds as an extra.[5] Only Indro Montanelli, interviewed by Sergio Zavoli, declares to not believe to the guilt of anarchists.[4]



  • Speciale per voi (Special for you) – directed by Carla Ragionieri and Romolo Siena, with Renzo Arbore (at his TV debut); two seasons. The show is one of the first aimed explicitly to the young public and reflects, indirectly, the protests of 1968 ; in every episode, a guest singer faces an audience of teen-agers, often polemic and impertinent.[6]

News and educational

  • AZ: un fatto come e perchè (AZ: a fact, how and why) – news magazine, hosted by Emilio Mastrostefano; 7 seasons.[7]

Television shows




  • Aiuto, è vacanza! (Help, there are the holidays!) – summer show, directed by Eros Macchi, with Walter Chiari and Isabella Biagini.[14]
  • Incontri musicali (Musical encounters) – hosted by Enza Sampò.[15]
  • È domenica ma senza impegno – (It’s Sunday, but with no obigations) – by Vito Molinari; show of the Sunday afternoon, with Paolo Villaggio.[16]

News and educational

  • Dicono di lei (They say about you) – interviews by Enzo Biagi.[17]
  • Gli uomini della luna rispondono (The moon men answer) – press conference of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, hosted by Sergio Zavoli.[18]
  • L’Italia dei dialetti (The dialects’ Italy) – linguistic enquiry by Giacomo Devoto, directed by Virgilio Sabel; in 14 episodes.[19]


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