Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori

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Abdul Rahman Ibrahima ibn Sori (Arabic: عبد الرحمن ابراهيم سوري; 1762—July 6, 1829) was a Fula prince and Amir (commander) from the Fouta Djallon region of Guinea, West Africa, who was captured and sold to slave traders and transported to the United States in 1788.[1] Upon discovering his lineage, his slave master Thomas Foster, began referring to him as "Prince",[2] a title used for Abdul Rahman until his final days. After spending 40 years in slavery, he was freed in 1828 and returned to Africa the following year, but died in Liberia within months of arrival.

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Abdulrahman Ibrahima ibn Sori
Drawing of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima ibn Sori in the collection of the Library of Congress. The Arabic inscription reads "His name is Abd al-Rahman".
DiedJuly 6, 1829 (aged 67)
Monrovia, Liberia
Known forAmerican slave
OfficeAmir (military commander)
(m. 1794; death 1829)