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Baban (Kurdish: بابان)[1] was a Kurdish principality existing from the 16th century to 1850, centered around Sulaymaniyah. The Baban principality played an active role in the Ottoman-Safavid conflict and gave significant military support to the Ottomans.[2] They were in constant rivalry with Ardalan, Bohtan[2] and Soran and its territory would therefore oscillate. Before the removal of the last Baban leader in 1850, their rule had become limited to their capital Sulaymaniyah and few surrounding villages.

Baban Principality, ca. 1835

The modern city of Sulaymaniyah was built by Baban in 1784 which served as their capital. Prior to the founding of the city, the dynasty lived in Qala Çolan. The principality also encouraged and facilitated the use of Sorani Kurdish among its local literary authors.[3]