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Benjamin Bathurst (born 18 March 1784 – disappeared 25 November 1809) was a British diplomat who disappeared in Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars. He was the third son of Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich, and his sister was the poet Caroline de Crespigny.[1]

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Benjamin Bathurst
Born(1784-03-18)18 March 1784
Disappeared25 November 1809 (aged 25)
Perleberg, Prussia
OccupationDiplomatic envoy
SpousePhillida Call
Parent(s)Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich

Bathurst's disappearance in 1809 sparked much debate and speculation about his ultimate fate. His story is frequently used in science fiction stories, based on a widespread belief (fostered by secondary sources) that his disappearance was particularly sudden, perhaps supernatural, in nature. Modern research suggests the circumstances of Bathurst's disappearance were wildly embellished, and that he was almost certainly murdered.

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