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Candlelight Records is a British record label based in England and founded by former Extreme Noise Terror bassist Lee Barrett, though it has had a division in the United States since January 2001.[1] Candlelight Records specialises in black metal, and later on melodic death metal and death metal, having bands such as Emperor, Obituary, 1349, Theatre of Tragedy, Xerath, Dismember, Keep of Kalessin, Nachtmystium and Zyklon on its roster. The label is notable for putting out early releases from influential bands such as Opeth and Emperor. Candlelight Records is in co-operation with Appease Me Records and AFM Records.[2][3] On January 19, 2016, Candlelight was acquired by Spinefarm Records.[4]

Quick facts: Candlelight Records, Parent company, Founder,...
Candlelight Records
Parent companySpinefarm Records (via UMG)
FounderLee Barrett
Distributor(s)Virgin Music Label & Artist Services (US)
Plastic Head (Europe)
GenreExtreme metal
Country of originUK